I will have a 3-day business trip to Quebec city for “Le Salon industriel de Québec”  (Oct 3, 4, 5). You will see me there. Anyone who wants “visit” me please let me know before Sep 15 so that I can send you invitation card.


Meaning: it’s an expression said when knocking on wood in order to keep from having bad luck.

La semaine pasée, par renconté et jasé avec mes amis, ma doleur a disparu complètement. Puis, je viens de signer un contrat que veut dire que j’aurai beaucoup de responsabilités et j’ai pas de choix. ..puis je ne peux pas cesser en tout cas parce que je me souviens toujours “Those who are trusted with something valuable must show they are worthy of that trust.” Présentment, mon courage, mon esprit, ma passion, ma confiance… tout est revenu. C’est vraiment vraiment super! Je ne veux pas perdre mon temps encore. Maintenant, je continue mon chemin avec une direction définitive. Je vis comme un nouveau-né. Deux choses à faire plus tard:

  • Travailler un peu sur mon CV
  • Déménager mon blogue à mon site web peu à peu à partir de ce weekend.

Two days after my birthday, I didn’t expect that I can still get gift…But, it happened today! I got a book named PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE from a friend in the evening. Now it’s late night, I just got a few minutes to look through the preface. This book provides a personal 40-day spiritual journey to introduce God’s purpose for creating you which will reduce your stress, focus your energy, simplify your decisions, etc. So, this book answers a question – What on earth am I here for?

Still, I am not sure if I should accept that challenge to stick with this spiritual journey for the next 40 days, not missing a single daily reading. Maybe my life is worth taking the time to think about it. However, I know I cannot quit once I commit to this and sign a covenant together with a partner.  Nowadays, I’ve spent too much time on dealing with contract things, got a bit fed up…Well, anyway, no harm to me if I sign my name to this commitment. It’s just a way of thinking…

I think I’m gonna start from tomorrow. I want to know how RICK WARREN answers “WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR”.

I’ve used WordPress lately and I felt it pretty comfortable and flexible. So I was very happy when I knew Yahoo webhosting supports wordpress. This way I can migrate my all blogs to my own site easily. However, the transition didn’t go smooth and I found I would’ve a lot of cut and paste to do (comments didn’t convert). My all pages turned into blogs. Everything got disordered.

Finally, I decided to try MOVABLETYPE, which is supported by Yahoo as well. The setup and activation was simple. I thought it was an advanced blog tool and I am still in the mist of getting familiar with it. So far I’ve not found out how to create a page instead of an entry and it seems that I can just import entries from the directory where Movable type is installed. Damn it…Well, for the momsent I can just put my old blog here for a while when I find a way to solve this porblem. Probably I will do a complete redesign for my blog and start contructing my web-site during the next weeks and (it could be a good week-end job…)


  • Tél: (450) 473-1013
  • Addresse: Super Aqua Club, 322 Montée de la Baie, Pointe-Calumet, QC J0N 1G2
  • Tarification: journée complète 29$, Demie journée (après 15h00) 23$, Soirée (après 17h00) 14$.
  • Direction:                        De Montréal: Autoroute 15 ou 13 NORD
                       -Autoroute 640 OUEST
                       -Sortie # 2 Pointe-Calumet
                       -Suivre les panneaux bleus “Super Aqua Club”

Day 2: La Mauricie National Park of Canada

  • Where: 702 5th Street P.O. Box 160 Stn. Bureau-chef
    Shawinigan, Québec, Canada
    G9N 6T9
  • Phone: (819) 538-3232
  • Activities:canoeing, camping, hiking, skiing, animal viewing (moose, black bear, beaver, loon, etc)…etc
  • How to get there: park  Leave highway 55 at exit 217
    and follow the road signs towards

On va avoir le parfait bonheur là-bas! Une chance incroyable!

Présentment, je suis entrain de faire la décision de publier mon premier roman progressive par le biais d’internet parce que je pense que c’est un façôn qui peux l’améliorer peu à peu étant donné que je ne suis pas un écrivain. Par ailleurs, je peux faire le modification facilement et peut-être un jour je vais faire le chois de le publier en papier… 🙂

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