meMy name is Yan Shen and I live in Montreal, Canada. This is my fifth year living in here.
In 2001 (Dec 27), leaving my all dear colleagues, friends, leaving the hometown where I love forever, leaving my parent, my ……with two big baggages, I came to Montreal myself. In the past four years, with hard study and work, I have learned lot of new things and developed my capabilities. After getting my degree in McGill, (05), I started studying French at UQAM. I had so much fun with my schoolmates and professors. With a perfect ending of this program, I went back to Beijing and got married with a boy loving me and whom I love. 🙂 Then, I came back here in March, with maturity. Current I’m working in a company which is in the forklift industry and I think it’s a place where I can grow, contribute, and develop myself gradually.

For a quick understanding of who I am, check out the following stuff:

  • I am a simple person.
  • I have a taste of adventure.
  • I really enjoy driving and my driving technique is top-ranking.
  • I cannot live without music, café, basketball, and blog. (So far it’s like this…don’t know what else will be included…)
  • I don’t think that a girl must buy fashion clothes termly.
  • I can addict to new stuff easily.
  • I’m a patriot and a pacifist.
  • I do not own a maison and think that’s cool.
  • In general, I’m not a perfectionist. But I am picky in which I’m into.
  • I love to write.

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