Today, 14h00, I met my career counselor. She asked me how was it going and I replied simply without any details. I told her I just started job searching, re-actived my CVs in some websites, etc. Suddenly she became extremely harsh on me by asking me “what have you beeing done in the past 3 weeks, last time what did I say to you, you did nothing, from May you’ve got enrolled here, but now you’re back to the start point…etc”, which muddled me much. I felt a bit ashamed although I did start job searching seriously and hold a small contract. I confessed to her that I didn’t do much job search in the past 3 weeks…

Then, she threw me a paper and a pen rudely and asked me “NOW, WRITE DOWN YOU SCHEDULE, THAT’S YOU NEED TO DO!” I hold the pen, stared at the paper wordless…She found that I was somewhat hurted, and she didn’t scold me anymore, instead, she guided me kindly to draft the plan of job search (since my goal is to find a permanenet position).  It is a very detailed plan, starting from morning, ending in the evening, wow, it’s more than a full-time job.

During our conversation, I got a phone call asking for the short phone interview. I didn’t do it right away but I asked the phone number and Contact name in order to call her later. This way I could be well prepared since I’ve already got a lesson lately. The first impression is very, very, very important!

Then, my counselor gave me some advice on cold-calling, it was hard, but I have no choice. 40 minutes passed so fast, I completed my schedule, and I must report to her once a week with details provided!! I suddenly got a kind of feeling, and this feeling let me be more aggressive, more positive, more motivated, …She pushed me to work harder & harder and I didn’t feel uncomfortable (maybe at the beginning a bit), instead, I felt I was 100% waken up. It was HER to bring me back to the track this time. There is no execuse anymore in this matter.

Back to home, I called the interviewer back, it was a general info interview, including my experience, salary expectation, time availability, etc. She was very satisfied with my response. And the position is what I’m exactly loving and pursuing!! So far so good. I will keep going as I did before…For me, PAST IS PAST! NOTHING WILL CHANGE! FOR MY SAKE, I LEARN FROM THE PAST 2 MONTHS, AND NOW I LET IT GO! Well, if life is really a test, I think now it’s time for me to exert all my powers to get it very very very well done! Tomorrow I’ll start the tryout! Thanks, Dayle! Thanks all the people who encouraged me and gave me the power and the energy to be back! Time to get going! ROCK AND ROLL!