Two days after my birthday, I didn’t expect that I can still get gift…But, it happened today! I got a book named PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE from a friend in the evening. Now it’s late night, I just got a few minutes to look through the preface. This book provides a personal 40-day spiritual journey to introduce God’s purpose for creating you which will reduce your stress, focus your energy, simplify your decisions, etc. So, this book answers a question – What on earth am I here for?

Still, I am not sure if I should accept that challenge to stick with this spiritual journey for the next 40 days, not missing a single daily reading. Maybe my life is worth taking the time to think about it. However, I know I cannot quit once I commit to this and sign a covenant together with a partner.  Nowadays, I’ve spent too much time on dealing with contract things, got a bit fed up…Well, anyway, no harm to me if I sign my name to this commitment. It’s just a way of thinking…

I think I’m gonna start from tomorrow. I want to know how RICK WARREN answers “WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR”.