I’ve used WordPress lately and I felt it pretty comfortable and flexible. So I was very happy when I knew Yahoo webhosting supports wordpress. This way I can migrate my all blogs to my own site easily. However, the transition didn’t go smooth and I found I would’ve a lot of cut and paste to do (comments didn’t convert). My all pages turned into blogs. Everything got disordered.

Finally, I decided to try MOVABLETYPE, which is supported by Yahoo as well. The setup and activation was simple. I thought it was an advanced blog tool and I am still in the mist of getting familiar with it. So far I’ve not found out how to create a page instead of an entry and it seems that I can just import entries from the directory where Movable type is installed. Damn it…Well, for the momsent I can just put my old blog here for a while when I find a way to solve this porblem. Probably I will do a complete redesign for my blog and start contructing my web-site during the next weeks and (it could be a good week-end job…)