Do not even have a second to pipi…… probably I can end it up tonight…(coming soon)

Now it’s 11h49pm, I just got a break to open a browser to continue blogging. Nothing special today, but very, very, very hectic. As usual, I just didn’t wanna leave things unfinished before my birthday (even the 3-day-ago unwashed dishes in the kitchen). After talking with Mama through the phone, I started to modify a contract and to think about how I can start and operate this new case successfully and efficiently. Drafting for a while, I got somewhat tired and suddenly one reminder popped up showing “Revenu Quebec”. Jumping from the contract, at noon I went to Complexe Dejardin and dropped by ARCHAMBAULT where I chose 2 CDs of Pierre Lapointe. These 2 CDs will be my parent’s gift, thank you, mama & papa!! 🙂 Holding 2 CD, I went back to the contract and worked hard on it. After all, it is new to me, but my intuition told me that I can get it well-done if I am well-prepared…After a couple of hours, I finished my refined contract and looked it through to make sure it was good enough. WOW, how time flies! It was already 5h30pm. Then, I got a time to check emails and reply them. When everything was done, it was almost 7h00pm. Then Sam picked me up and we went to magasiner sth for tomorrow’s BBQ…

Went back home, Sam created a romantic atmosphere by giving me a bouquet. Ha…a good boy, I think, and still, I think the sentiment existing between us is not love at all, it’s a sentiment about a family, a wife, a husband. Even though we quarrel, we fight, we hurt eath other, but like other families, only one thing binding us together – it’s a sentiment that’s more than a love, maybe not romantic every second, but like the preserved wine…

In the evening, eventually I got the gift from Sam, that was perfect! A domain name and a web host (PHP+MYSQL on LINUX) from Yahoo. So cool! I chose a domain name for myself and it will be opened in 72 hours, looking at my “business control panel”, I just wanna say: C’est super! I will wait and setup my website and blogsite a few days later Since my domain name, ftp and email service are still pending.

In the following, I was back to my blog as usual, to record what I’d done a day before my birthday!

Tomorrow, around 9h40am (in Beijing time: 9h40pm), there is only one person I should thank for: MY MOM!

The word to Mama and Papa: thank you for bringing me to this wonderful world and bringing me up, thank you for your forever support, thank you for your love…I love you forever and ever! I promise you I will let you be proud of having a great daughter! That day is coming!

Accomplished at 1h10AM (Aug 8, 2006)