Walking in the Plateau and Latin area, I was impressed by these street murals and graffiti(I didn’t put’em all here because of the limited space) which drove me to photograph them all. They seemed to be part of the street, they were made in the same color and type of paint as official infrastructural makers. At that moment, I felt those were only arts that made sense. Maybe they are partially blemished, maybe they are not as pefect as you think, maybe…but I just want to thanks all the talents who decorate Montreal. I love them!

Every traveller says Montreal is a beautiful city, but they don’t know, Montreal, it is a city and cities are inherently ugly. For me, the beauty of a city isn’t in the city itself but in the people and their interaction with their city!

“A city isn’t just a place to live, to shop, to go out and have kids play. It’s a place that implicates how one derives one’s ethics, how one develops a sense of justice, how one learns to talk with and learn from people who are unlike oneself, which is how a human being becomes human.” Richard Sennett, The Civitas of Seeing (1989)