I feel that it’s time to get my SQL back gradually after building a Webserver. Again, from the very beginner level — to the geek! (I’M NOT A GEEK AT ALL, TO BE REMEMBERED PLEASE!! Actually I think that everything if I start to addict to, it only takes me several days to ramp up from a beginner level to top level! That’s really true! 🙂 )

Basically there are three basic categories of SQL Statements:

  • SQL DATA STATEMENTS (query and modify tables and columns)
    • SELECT Statement – query tables and views in the db
    • INSERT Statement – add rows to tables
    • UPDATE Statement – modify columns in table rows
    • DELETE Statement – remove rows from tables
  • SQL TRANSACTION STATEMENTS (control transactions)
    • COMMIT Statement – commit the current transaction
    • ROLLBACK Statement – roll back the current transaction
  • SQL SCHEMA STATEMENTS (maintain schema)
    • CREATE TABLE Statement – create tables
    • CREATE VIEW Statement – create views
    • DROP TABLE Statement – drop tables
    • DROP VIEW Statement – drop views
    • GRANT Statement – grant privileges on tables and views to other users
    • REVOKE Statement – revoke privileges on tables and views from other users

Playing around With the OracleDB10 for a while, I used the following SQL commands:

SQL select, distinct, where, and, or, in, between, like, order by, count, group by, having, alias, join, minus, outer join, arithematic functions such as AVG, COUNT, MAX, MIN, SUM.

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