Having finished the article about building webserver on Linux. I am back to be in the mist of searching PDA, here they are:

1. HP iPAQ 128MB Pocket PC (HX2410)  (469.99). 520MHz Intel PXA270 Processor, 128MB (64MB SDRAM), Wi-Fi (802.11b), bluetooth, Serial IR, looks cool, but still, I am not satisified with the memory, and I think I like PDA more than Pocket PC (maybe because of Jack Bauer…:))

2. PalmOne LifeDrive 4GB Mobile Manager Handhelo – Multilingual  (448.97$). Intel 416MHZ Xscale Processor, …looks good, but I should make sure if it supports Wi-Fi and Blue tooth.

3. Treo 650  (99.99$ with Telus 3 years contract). Sam told me that this is the one Jack Bauer used in 24 hours. But I think the screen a bit small and I like most is a PURE PDA like Palm TX…and I want to make a phone call by using a PURE CELLPHONE, I think that’s COOL in my mind!  Hmm… anyway, it takes time to find a one fit me in both function and price. However, I won’t let it be long!

PS – Tim has sent me the info about a water park…we’ll go soon…I think I need some water to “clean” myself completely! 🙂 I will get refreshed shortly!