Having seen 24 HOURS (season 5), I expected to get a palm (multilingual) onday. Like Jack Bauer, I can download satellite map to my pda and access somewhere secretly……(dreaming…). Cool! 8) Anyway, I’ve been searching a palm for a while……still cannot find a one fit me. Here I got some products info from palm.com:

  • Palm Z22 (149$) (no email, web access, docs, no expansion slot, no bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, so, GARBAGE!)
  • Tungsten E2  (299$) (Wi-Fi is not built in and just 32 MB memory, maybe a bit out of fashion)
  • Palm TX  (399$) (looks good!support everything, maybe plus a 2GB memory card is perfect! hmm……but look at the price)
  • LifeDrive  (549$) (everything is good but the price)

Bottom line: wait for a second……….. 😐