For the moment I still cannot figure out what drove me to install a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 on my laptop. ..
One month ago, with Sam’s help, I installed a Sun Solaris 9 on my laptop (we installed on VMware Workstation) for preparing a technical interview. I started to refresh my knowledge, but I felt that Solaris is pretty “cold”, no MSN Messenger, unfriendly email client, ……frankly speaking, without a real working environment, Solaris is “foundling”. Even though I could be a ROOT, but there was no fun!
After that interview, I thought maybe I should get to know Linux, at least, give it a go. So, still, with Sam’s help, I got it installed on my laptop. WOW! It seems I can do anything as I do in Windows OS environment and I like the Red Hat’s interface which is very similar to the FreeBSD I used in McGill CS lab. I was pretty enjoying the process of “equipping” my Red Hat. For the next few days, I will spend more time on digging it deeply. The excitement of exploring Linux is just like the process that I got used to my first 2001 SUNFIRE. It’s gonna be FANTASTIC!

I feel better than last week after talking with friends, my emotions got released, I feel I can be recovered soon……let’s say, right before/after my coming birthday! 🙂

Finally, adding some note since I’ve put it in LEARNING category.
Login: root
Password: giante
(Password-must be >=6 characters)
#: startx
(This command will open GUI)

PS:commands of Linux is a bit easier than Unix, they are very similar.
In linux: tar xzvf 123.tar.gz
then run the unziped file directly, ok!
I’ve installed firefox (Web Browser) and thunderbird (email client) on my own.
The most exciting thing is that Sam and I installed a MSN messenger-like software called GAIM to let me chat with my MSN friends. Cool!

I will update my linux notes soon…and I think it is a time to start writing a French blog, probably tomorrow…….